As an applicant and/or purchaser of a Viewpoint Screening background check I have read, understand and agree to the following terms, acknowledgements, and disclaimers.

I attest that I am requesting this background on myself and have not falsified my identity to obtain a background check on anyone other than myself. The information provided to Viewpoint, LLC (hereinafter, "The Company") is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand and agree that all information furnished in my application and all attachments may be verified by The Company or its authorized representative. I hereby authorize all individuals and organizations named or referred to in my application and any law enforcement organization to give The Company all information relative to such verification and hereby release such individuals, organizations, and The Company from any and all liability for any claim or damage resulting therefrom. I hereby acknowledge that I have been informed by The Company that The Company may seek to obtain a consumer report and/or investigative report that will include personal information regarding me, including but not limited to, educational history, work references, driving record, and criminal convictions or arrest records if allowed, in order to assist The Company in completing a thorough background investigation. I further acknowledge notification by The Company that reports may be provided to The Company by other firms subcontracted for that purpose.

I, my heirs, assigns and legal representatives, hereby release and fully discharge The Company, its parent and affiliated companies and the respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents of each, including subcontractors, from any and all claims, monetary or otherwise, that I may have against The Company, it's parent, affiliates or subcontractors, arising out of the making, or use of, either a consumer report and/or investigative report, including any errors or omissions contained or omitted from such reports or investigations.

Schools & Universities – Students Only
I understand that the school/university requiring this check will automatically have access to my report once it is submitted through I also understand that my school/university may have authorized designated affiliate hospitals and/or clinical sites and/or schools to view my report if such information is required prior to gaining entrance into such facilities.

The User understands that Viewpoint Screening cannot be responsible for the record keeping practices of third parties such as, but not limited to; the Department of Motor Vehicles, county, state and federal courts, state repositories, state and regional prisons, local police stations, federal bankruptcy courts, federal civil courts, state medical boards, drug testing facilities and other professional licensing organizations, and other local, state and federal organizations.

The Student agrees to pay all attorneys' fees, litigation costs, court costs and/or collection fees associated with the collection of delinquent accounts. No changes in these conditions may be made except by consent in writing of an officer of Viewpoint, LLC. You may obtain a free copy of "A Summary of Your Rights Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act" by visiting

The undersigned recognizes that information is secured by and through fallible human sources. The User agrees to release Viewpoint, LLC, it's officers and employees from liability for any errors and or omissions contained in reports and from any loss or expense suffered by The User directly or indirectly from Viewpoint Screening reports. The User agrees that this letter constitutes all conditions of service and of reporting, present and future applies to all reports made by Viewpoint, LLC and is binding in all 50 states.

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Refund Policy
You have agreed to a non-tangible service, and as a customer you agree to the terms and conditions of service. In addition, you have acknowledged that there are no refunds that can be issued once your order has been placed.

Your order is a single package, and pricing is not itemized. Partial refunds for specific items, including drug tests, are not permitted.

Viewpoint Screening reserves the right to assess a $20.00 service fee for all chargebacks and returns.