Student Screening FAQs

Placing my Order


How do I order my background check?


Click on Find Your School. Select your state from the map, and then you can select your school from a dropdown menu. This will log you onto your school's background screening webpage. Follow the online instructions to enter in the necessary  information to place your order.

Drug Screening


Where do I view instructions on how to complete my Drug Test?


Instructions on how to complete your drug test will be emailed to you after you have placed your order. Please allow 24 hours to receive your drug test registration information. Be sure to check your spam filters if you have not received the drug test email after 1 business day.

What is MRO Review?


If anything is found to be abnormal with your drug test it will be sent to a medical review officer, who will contact you if they have questions.

I have taken my drug test and I still do not have my results?


If it has been over 5 business days since the test was administered, please email .



How long will it take to receive results?


Results are normally returned within 3- 5 business days. Please note that turnaround time will vary based on the specific items in your order. To view your results, click on View Your Results and enter in your identifiers. If it has been more than 5 business days and you are approaching your school deadline please email us at .

What does the "Expected" status mean on my results summary page?


Viewpoint Screening provides you with the date that we estimate the results to be returned. Dates are based on historical data from past searches. These dates are solely expectations, and not guaranteed.

How do I dispute additional charges or criminal records?


If you feel your report contains inaccurate information, we can help. You will need to contact us directly. Upon your request, we will review the disputed information with the source of the information. Following the review process, we will promptly correct any inaccuracies and provide you with an updated report within 30 days.


To place a dispute, please contact us at .



How do applicants or students use your website to place orders?


Your organization's Viewpoint webpage provides an easy platform for placing and paying for background checks. Instruct your applicants or volunteers to visit your organization's Viewpoint webpage to get started. If you are a college or university, you can email your students the direct link, or your students can get started by clicking on Find Your School . Instructions can also be mailed or emailed for you to distribute to your students.

Can my organization pay for the background checks?


Yes. Our applicant funded payment plan can be adjusted easily so that your organization may pay for background checks.

How can I locate alternate drug testing facilities?


Visit LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics for alternate drug testing locations.

How do I view a background check?


You may view background checks by logging into your account. Enter your username and password in the top right hand corner of this page. To ensure security, it is important that organizations do not accept paper copies of background checks.

Do you offer fingerprinting?


At this time, Viewpoint Screening does not provide fingerprinting services. We can provide background screening packages designed to cover the criminal scope of a fingerprint check.

How long is a background check valid?


Organizations may determine their own policy for how long they consider a report to be valid.

Is it important for applicants to be re-certified?


Yes. Many organizations require "re-checks" or "re-certification" on an annual or semi-annual basis. These re-checks are typically smaller in scope and lower on price.

Can we use your company for traditional employment screening services?


Yes. Viewpoint Screening offers employment screening services and drug testing. Contact an account manager at 888-974-8111 ext 2 for details.

Is my personal information secure on


Absolutely. is a secure website. Viewpoint does not divulge or sell any of your information to any third party under any circumstance. We place a high priority on the privacy of our customers and the security of their information. For more information regarding security, please see 'Additional Information' on the About Us page.

Have more questions?


Email us at

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